Ada Zanditon Couture – Collar – Chain À Trois – Exclusive to FAB.LONDON




Exclusive to FAB.LONDON

Choker Collar features 3 rings connected by 3 chains for throuple the amount of fun! You could be lead in any direction…. You’re open to possibility!

Each one is made using a matte vegan leather PU strap (2 cm wide) laying across a shiny 5 cm wide PVC strap. The matte / gloss contrast is delicious. Why have just one texture when they look so good together? Have both!

This style is made 41 cm long in total. So they will fit from neck size 28 cm to 38 cm as made. Also – every 2cm in between! We use 1mm thick PVC which warms up to body temperature – making them both comfortable and stylish. The PVC part is 24 cm long and the vegan leather PU strap is 40 cm long.

All the metal hardware is silver nickel plate. The 3 rings are 4.7 cm wide. The design also features rivets, d rings and chain. The buckle fastens at the back neck as pictured.

They are strong enough for play. To look after your choker we recommend wiping them clean after use and keeping them dry and polishing the hardware regularly.

Tip*…check the actual colours’ variations after you have selected your choice; the product’s profile photo above changes to show you every time you make a new selection.


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