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We aim to dispatch orders within 1-2 working days but cannot guarantee it. All orders will be expedited, tracked, insured and dispatched using Royal Mail/Parcel Force couriers; you will be contacted with the Tracking Number. (N.B.  we do not deliver to Post Office Boxes).

You will be able to “Reserve” an item at checkout, we will then check against current stock in the store and if available, we will confirm your order.

FREE SHIPPING in the UK for orders above £100.

Also, please be advised that shipping outside of the UK may incur added local import taxes.

*Tip…an average latex dress or trousers weigh approximately 0.5kg; the automatic shipping fee covers you up to 2kg.


“Personal Shopping”, consisting of a one hour slot (before or after) normal openings hours, is available by appointment only subject to a fee of £30 per person per hour paid in advance of booking . Email me at max@fab.london or call me on +44 (0)7958-217-175 to arrange it. N.B. these booking fees are not refundable.


All the items on the website are made using “True Sizing” UK pattern measurements; if unsure of your size and are used to “Vanity Sizing” measurements from high street shop chains, please double check your measurements with a measuring tape and cross-check them online before ordering; if you’re still in doubt, courtesy of Libidex who have one of the most accurate size charts available, please refer to their charts by using this link: https://libidex.com/size-chart


We price-match the items with the designers’ ones, so you will receive the purchased items in a matter of days but you will NOT be charged for a Manufacturing Express Charge normally applicable to hand-made items, i.e. paying extra for having your item made faster than the normal waiting times.


Please note, we have used photos as given / published by the designers. All photos’ rights belong to the designers unless specified, please contact  us to rectify any shortcomings and them directly for any outstanding credits, usage of, reproduction, etc.

Photos of the items and/or on the mannequins are © of Max Deviant at FAB.LONDON (apologies for the quality for some of them); where applicable, please refer to the designers’ photos for a better idea of the look and feel of the item.

Please note that there may be a small discrepancy in colour and/or brightness from your screen photo to the actual garment, this is normally due to different screen resolutions and colour settings which may vary from different users.

Also, White latex has a tendency to be more like an off-white / ivory colour, this is due to the actual colour of the natural rubber itself when it reacts with the white colour pigment.


Q: Is latex clothing vegan?

A: “Latex is the best of both worlds because it’s both vegan and biodegradable.” Latex is a natural, renewable material derived from the rubber tree. Since the trees are not cut down during harvesting, its production is sustainable and carbon-negative. Fashion-Grade latex is not dipped in a casein milk bath but rolled onto a long belt and cut just over every 10m into rolls ready for shipping.

Q: How is latex manufactured?

A: Latex lives just beneath the bark of these rubber trees. When tappers peel back the bark, they disrupt the plant ducts to reveal latex, a milky white substance. From there, they can harvest the latex and send it off to be processed.

Q: I’m allergic / hypersensitive to latex, can I wear your garments?

The proteins contained within Natural Rubber Latex (NRL) that can cause allergic reactions to Latex are leached out during production to conform to the governing international standard ISO/EN 13485-2003 for Class 1 medical devices and to the American FDA (Food & Drug Administration) and many others.
In our experience, many people who believe they have a latex allergy are actually allergic to the talcum powder and/or other substances found on it; use instead a silicone based dressing aid such as Pjur Cult or, if you must use talc, use a medical-grade unscented talc with your latex.
NRL is an integral part of thousands of everyday consumer and healthcare items, the proteins contained within it can cause allergic reactions to Latex.
Latex allergy (or hypersensitivity) occurs when the body’s immune system reacts to proteins found in NRL. Some individuals have specific antibodies, called Immunoglobulin E (IgE), that make them hypersensitive to the proteins in NRL. Although we take great care to use latex sheeting that has been leached to a high level, to remove the proteins to a legally acceptable standard, the onus is on you the consumer to ensure that you do not have this problem prior to purchasing or wearing latex clothing.
Before use, we recommend:

  1. Wash the garment in the shower with lukewarm water to remove all traces of talc, dirt, etc.; if needed, you can use a mild soap with a balanced PH level (same one that you use for your body is fine) for stubborn areas.
  2. Drip-Dry / Air-Dry by hanging the garment on a plastic or wooden clothes hanger (avoid metal ones, in fact try to avoid having the latex, especially light coloured one, coming in contact with metals as it can stain…also with perfumes by the way.
  3. When dry, apply a silicone based dressing aid such as Pjur Cult inside and out.
  4. Use a cover bag, like the ones you get when you get your clothes back from the dry cleaners, and store in your wardrobe away from direct sunlight. Check periodically to see if the latex requires a top-up.
  5. When you are ready to wear the garment, apply a silicone based dressing aid such as Pjur Cult on your body where the latex will make contact with it (it should already be lubed on the inside) and then apply it on the outside for the final shiny result!

Thank you.
Max Deviant


Thanks to Libidex for providing some of the the technical information above.