Libidex – Skirt – Ava Corset Skirt – Black

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A classic combination of a corset with a pencil-length skirt, this highly flattering number is one of our favourites in our range, creating a delightful contrast between the sleek skirt and the corseted waist.

The skirt is in 0.50mm and the corset is made in thick 0.80mm, figure-squeezing rubber with a boned front panel, and is fastened with a zip at the back.

The measurements below refer to the waist size the garment is made for, not garment dimensions.

XS = 60cm – 63cm
S = 64cm – 67cm
M = 68cm – 71cm
L = 72cm – 75cm
XL = 76cm – 80cm
XXL = 81cm – 85cm
3XL = 86cm – 90cm
4XL = 91cm – 95cm

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