Jed Phoenix Of London – Underbust Corset – Real Leather – Black

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* Genuine leather
* Steel boned
* Fully lined
* Strong construction
* Waist reduction up to 4 inches
* Trigger hooks at front
* D rings and lacing at back
* Modesty panel

This black genuine leather corset is fully lined and steel boned and is made to a very high standard, by us, in our UK studio. The corset is an underbust style and has all the hallmarks of a traditional waist cincher – flat steel boning, waist tape, multi-layered construction and a modesty panel. Instead of a busk, however, the front is fastened by nickel trigger hooks and small Velcro tabs. The trigger hooks provide an unusual and incredibly strong front fastening. The Velcro tabs minimise the micro vertical movement that the trigger hooks allow. The Velcro tabs also give a little extra help securing the front of the leather corset as you do the trigger hooks up. At the back of the corset, lacing runs through a series of D rings. In our experience, the eyelets at the back of corsets take a lot of strain and, consequently, can occasionally “pop”. That’s why we use D rings to run the corset lacing through. The modesty panel at the back of the corset is approximately two and a half inches wide, allowing for flexibility of fit. The front, back and modesty panels of this leather underbust corset are more rigid than traditional corsets. This gives it more structure and strength, adding to your comfort as you wear this leather corset.

One question that has been asked a few times about wearing our corsets is, “How do you breathe in something like that?!” It’s easy – just switch from breathing through your diaphragm to breathing through your chest. These corsets are incredibly comfortable. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!

Editorial photo: – Model @valisvolkova – Photo by @busha_bailey.

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24" Corset – 28" Natural (S-M), 28" Corset – 32" Natural (L-XL), 32" Corset – 36" Natural (2XL-3XL)