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‘London Burlesque – A Family Album’ by Angus Stewart.

Photographer Angus Stewart spent ten years backstage with London’s burlesque community, getting to know the performers and documenting their shared world to create what he calls ‘a family album’.

From the beginning, his focus was on the personalities, rather than the performances. He deliberately eschews the ‘big reveal’.

Instead, his photographs capture the friendships, the laughter and the camaraderie that characterise the burlesque scene.

We are introduced to a thriving community that values dedication and loyalty, and where the exotic is always laced with humour; and we hear from performers Belle de Beauvoir, REIx, Lady Cheek, Lady May, and Lynn Ruth Miller.

Burlesque can be provocative, it can be political, and it can be empowering. It can also be a lot of fun.

“I discovered that while some performers earn a living from burlesque, most have other jobs – anything from seamstresses to doctors, to company directors. This huge melting pot of professional experience, coupled with a variety of reasons for wanting to perform, means that personal development is encouraged. It’s an incredibly supportive community, and I wanted to try to capture that spirit.” – Angus Stewart

Angus Stewart is a London-based photographer with a focus on social documentary photography and portraiture. His work with the circus, burlesque and cabaret communities in London has produced a collection of work that depicts not just the activity on stage, but the cast of characters that supports it.

25 × 20cm
10 × 8 in
144pp plus 9 gatefolds
73 black and white photographs

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