B_Dodi – Ear-Cuffs (Pair)- The Mercury III

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With a thick frame around the ear, this statement earring channels both aspects of femininity and masculinity of the sacred symbol of Mercury to create a genderless accessory.

The lightweight earrings are made from high-shine stainless steel and feature inverted crosses cut-outs.

Part of the Tarots & Other Stories collection which is inspired by the mystic world of tarot and its ancient wisdom. A world where magic and reality coexist.

The collection brings signs and symbols to life by looking to mythological deities and harnessing their strengths.

Sizing: M-L (52-59mm) as worn by the model Alo3 in the profile photo.

Composition: 100% stainless steel.

Measure your ear with a soft tailor tape measure as in this drawing…