AMENTIUM – Stockings (Stirrup) – Exclusive



These stockings sit higher than others you’ll see on the market, why? So you can wear them under a dress without the awkward cut off length and flash of skin.

So they’re more sexy and give the illusion of having longer legs.

The stirrup style is popular not only with foot fetishists but to give breathing room and also grip when wearing footwear.

Once you wear stirrup stockings you won’t want to go back to enclosed sweaty toes again!

For those that aren’t familiar with latex, The Back to Basics collection is one that can be mixed and matched with any of our other collections or even your everyday clothing as an easy introduction to latex wear.

Back to basics is a collection that doesn’t follow any trends. Its shapes are timeless and can be worn in every season.

The simplicity of these garments mean you can dress them up or down with the option to customise with colour.

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